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In the wake of Trump becoming president, nothing much as really changed in how some on the left approach their opposition. Whilst I like to believe most liberals are against violently assaulting their opponents under the excuse that said person is possibly a ‘Nazi.’ That doesn’t change the fact that some folk have been encouraging it, claiming it to be necessary. When in reality it makes you look no better than the opponent you fight against. For instance, I don’t agree with Spencer, on probably everything but does that mean I would assault him without provocation. Hell no, because the last thing that man needs is sympathy but that’s how you create your enemies, and convince those around you that your movement is far worse than whatever he claims to be.

I can’t help but think words like fascist and Nazi have lost all meaning, they’re thrown around so commonly that they don’t have nearly as much impact as they would have years ago. It further amazes me how many fail realise the consequence of violently assaulting their opposition. The result of that being you give them the option of self defence. Worse still, under normal circumstances this would be met by condemnation from the media. But sadly in the current generation, most journalists would sooner sell their soul to the devil before condemning unprovoked attacks on people they disagree with.

Ever since Trump became President, I’ve seen nothing but a string of paranoia and hysteria coming from liberal media sites. I’m not saying don’t protest, you’re entitled to that if you wish. I just want to see more people come out and encourage an end to this violent retaliation because the end result is usually the same. You’re not hurting the establishment by attacking businesses like Starbucks. You’re having a direct impact on the workforce you long since stopped caring about. It’s them who have to endure your insanity. Burning the flag of your country does not heal division. The problem I have with the left now is this over emphasis on factors we can’t change. As long as identity politics continues, division will remain. It’s all fine and dandy stating ‘he will not divide us’ when the truth is. There are some on the Left who did that long ago.

The Trump victory is a by-product of what happens when you spend years taking a colossal dump on everything that disagrees with you. I’m not a fan of Trump or Hillary but I can safely say none of this surprises me following the #Brexit shambles we’re all currently having to endure. The problem I have with modern day politics is that the Left and Right wing have been reduced to petty squabbles over first world problems with an unhealthy dose of identity politics thrown in for good measure. I see the suffering in the world as people die in places where oppression is a very real terror that haunts their every waking moment. Then I watch as so-called western activists cry over Frank Cho’s decision to draw satirical art. When all you see is the media attacking and slandering everything that stands against it. You really have to wonder why did so many liberals and former democrats vote for the Republican candidate. This is just from my own observations but #Gamergate signified a significant stage in the change of cultural identity. In the 1990’s and leading into the early 2000s the Right led by Jack Thompson attacked gamers, and the Left came to their defence and even despite Hillary  Clinton’s attempts to pass the Family Entertainment Protection Act that could have potentially hindered the creation of video games. It failed to go through. The Right  and Clinton lost against Liberalism and the freedom of expression.

You fast forward to 2014 and the collective-minded Liberal Game Journalists took the knife and drove it into the back of the people they had once ‘pretended’ to support. The Gamer Identity is over slander that came out as gamers realised the media that represented them was corrupt was just the beginning of this madness. The media loudly proclaimed the death of the gamer and then wondered why their audience was pushing back against the same diatribe they had once heard from the ‘religious right‘. Most of those in Gamergate were moderately liberal as hard as that is to believe. These people support diversity but realise there is a lot more to someone than their penis, vagina or skin colour. Unlike the mainstream media that continually time and time again put each respective group in their own little safe box. The Left wing has become more divisive than even it realises.

Gamergate exposed also the outright hypocrisy at the root of social justice. A movement that would sooner stab its allies in the back and actively followed the listen and believe mantra to its logical conclusion. For a movement that preaches equality, it has absolutely no shame in attacking people based on things they have no control over. When you have buzzwords like mansplaining, and manspreading and people freely saying that being white means you’re on the easy difficulty setting. It’s not hard in the slightest to understand why there is a push-back against the progressive mindset. When Liberals stare into the mirror they expect to see the Bogeyman they elaborately devised to blame all their problems on – Gamergate, MRAs, and the nebulous Alt-Right that is almost a reflection of them. Perhaps now all they see is themselves. Or maybe they will continue kicking and screaming and wonder why no one takes them seriously anymore.

The small events around Gamergate also had an impact on this changing mindset. They were small events but once the first domino fell, it’s no surprise it became a cascade. The Tim Hunt incident that resulted in him in losing his reputation over a joke, the attack on Corbyn by the Right wing media. I may not agree with everything Corbyn stands for but his character is in tatters because of the media. In more recent times there has been slander directed towards the developer behind VR and his girlfriend purely on the basis that she supported Gamergate. For me, personally, the media blitz on Matt Taylor after he had just landed a spacecraft on a comet was an eye opening experience. The poor man was reduced to tears regarding the art on his shirt that he was wearing. He was attacked by a shameless media who will never be held accountable for the destructive nature of its reporting. The funny thing is the shirt was made by a woman, Elly Prizeman. I know the Right Wing isn’t perfect, not by a long shot but I can’t ignore what I’ve seen coming from the Left lately. This is just a part of why I think Trump won. I’ve written a lot about what’s happening on campuses across the west but I also believe the activism there is also to blame for why people are no longer on the side with left wing parties and ideas in general.

Congratulations Progressives you have killed Liberalism.