Here I will feature, any future published writing and works in progress.

The Mortalis Series

In 1947, years of war and bloodshed finally culminated in Humanity falling foul to the seeds of the Virulent that had been scattered across the Earth many centuries earlier. This combined with the Roswell crash signalled the beginning of the Great Collapse. Twenty years later, a race of beings known as the Ascendians reached planet Earth and later descended bringing with them a means to better combat the Virulent.

Over a hundred years after this and civilisation has risen out of stagnation. But that only brings with it a new world of problems as two similar but distinct races look to further expand beyond Earth’s frontier whilst also consolidating the power they have back home. Even threat of the Virulent remains an ever constant. 

The first novel, Memories of Steels introduces Brugge Schmidt, an agent of the Vigil Agency is sent into the Unity’s Vorkuta Camp with a simple mission. He must find a way to extract the Unity scientist, Yana Ermakova and return to Agency without triggering any suspicion from the Unity itself.

Mortalis Novels

Memories of Steel


Red Winter

The Dominion Series

The universe is opening up to a resurgent planet Earth led by the Human/Ascendian alliance that saved both species from extinction. But the Earth is no less dangerous.

The Dominion Stories follow the Reidefell Company as its Bounty Hunters desperately fight to protect their world from the Virulent, Androids and more.

These stories follow, Warren Young and his friends after their graduation from the Reidefell Academy. They are thrust into a world more than willing to destroy them.

The Bounty Hunter’s Apprentice

This mini series focuses on the mentor/apprentice relationship fostered by the Reidefell Company. One of the few Bounty Hunter agencies that allows its Hunters to partner up in order for the new blood to be initiated ideally without them losing their lives. Often servng two or more years with an established hunter is intended to help prepare them for the reality of their job.

Mercy and Rose

Warren is rare case of being apprentice to two separate Bounty Hunters. Prior to his enrolment into the Academy, Warren got a taste for the job by working alongside his adoptive mother, Claire Delaney better known as Mercy.

After graduation he ends up alongside Mitsuki Akira. A Bounty Hunter that just happens to be part Virulent. Together they face the Syndicate and its Seeds of Anarchy.