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In the wake of Trump becoming president, nothing much as really changed in how some on the left approach their opposition. Whilst I like to believe most liberals are against violently assaulting their opponents under the excuse that said person is possibly a ‘Nazi.’ That doesn’t change the fact that some folk have been encouraging it, claiming it to be necessary. When in reality it makes you look no better than the opponent you fight against. For instance, I don’t agree with Spencer, on probably everything but does that mean I would assault him without provocation. Hell no, because the last thing that man needs is sympathy but that’s how you create your enemies, and convince those around you that your movement is far worse than whatever he claims to be.

I can’t help but think words like fascist and Nazi have lost all meaning, they’re thrown around so commonly that they don’t have nearly as much impact as they would have years ago. It further amazes me how many fail realise the consequence of violently assaulting their opposition. The result of that being you give them the option of self defence. Worse still, under normal circumstances this would be met by condemnation from the media. But sadly in the current generation, most journalists would sooner sell their soul to the devil before condemning unprovoked attacks on people they disagree with.

Ever since Trump became President, I’ve seen nothing but a string of paranoia and hysteria coming from liberal media sites. I’m not saying don’t protest, you’re entitled to that if you wish. I just want to see more people come out and encourage an end to this violent retaliation because the end result is usually the same. You’re not hurting the establishment by attacking businesses like Starbucks. You’re having a direct impact on the workforce you long since stopped caring about. It’s them who have to endure your insanity. Burning the flag of your country does not heal division. The problem I have with the left now is this over emphasis on factors we can’t change. As long as identity politics continues, division will remain. It’s all fine and dandy stating ‘he will not divide us’ when the truth is. There are some on the Left who did that long ago.

The Trump victory is a by-product of what happens when you spend years taking a colossal dump on everything that disagrees with you. I’m not a fan of Trump or Hillary but I can safely say none of this surprises me following the #Brexit shambles we’re all currently having to endure. The problem I have with modern day politics is that the Left and Right wing have been reduced to petty squabbles over first world problems with an unhealthy dose of identity politics thrown in for good measure. I see the suffering in the world as people die in places where oppression is a very real terror that haunts their every waking moment. Then I watch as so-called western activists cry over Frank Cho’s decision to draw satirical art. When all you see is the media attacking and slandering everything that stands against it. You really have to wonder why did so many liberals and former democrats vote for the Republican candidate. This is just from my own observations but #Gamergate signified a significant stage in the change of cultural identity. In the 1990’s and leading into the early 2000s the Right led by Jack Thompson attacked gamers, and the Left came to their defence and even despite Hillary  Clinton’s attempts to pass the Family Entertainment Protection Act that could have potentially hindered the creation of video games. It failed to go through. The Right  and Clinton lost against Liberalism and the freedom of expression.

You fast forward to 2014 and the collective-minded Liberal Game Journalists took the knife and drove it into the back of the people they had once ‘pretended’ to support. The Gamer Identity is over slander that came out as gamers realised the media that represented them was corrupt was just the beginning of this madness. The media loudly proclaimed the death of the gamer and then wondered why their audience was pushing back against the same diatribe they had once heard from the ‘religious right‘. Most of those in Gamergate were moderately liberal as hard as that is to believe. These people support diversity but realise there is a lot more to someone than their penis, vagina or skin colour. Unlike the mainstream media that continually time and time again put each respective group in their own little safe box. The Left wing has become more divisive than even it realises.

Gamergate exposed also the outright hypocrisy at the root of social justice. A movement that would sooner stab its allies in the back and actively followed the listen and believe mantra to its logical conclusion. For a movement that preaches equality, it has absolutely no shame in attacking people based on things they have no control over. When you have buzzwords like mansplaining, and manspreading and people freely saying that being white means you’re on the easy difficulty setting. It’s not hard in the slightest to understand why there is a push-back against the progressive mindset. When Liberals stare into the mirror they expect to see the Bogeyman they elaborately devised to blame all their problems on – Gamergate, MRAs, and the nebulous Alt-Right that is almost a reflection of them. Perhaps now all they see is themselves. Or maybe they will continue kicking and screaming and wonder why no one takes them seriously anymore.

The small events around Gamergate also had an impact on this changing mindset. They were small events but once the first domino fell, it’s no surprise it became a cascade. The Tim Hunt incident that resulted in him in losing his reputation over a joke, the attack on Corbyn by the Right wing media. I may not agree with everything Corbyn stands for but his character is in tatters because of the media. In more recent times there has been slander directed towards the developer behind VR and his girlfriend purely on the basis that she supported Gamergate. For me, personally, the media blitz on Matt Taylor after he had just landed a spacecraft on a comet was an eye opening experience. The poor man was reduced to tears regarding the art on his shirt that he was wearing. He was attacked by a shameless media who will never be held accountable for the destructive nature of its reporting. The funny thing is the shirt was made by a woman, Elly Prizeman. I know the Right Wing isn’t perfect, not by a long shot but I can’t ignore what I’ve seen coming from the Left lately. This is just a part of why I think Trump won. I’ve written a lot about what’s happening on campuses across the west but I also believe the activism there is also to blame for why people are no longer on the side with left wing parties and ideas in general.

Congratulations Progressives you have killed Liberalism.

To some, it is a cartoon frog, usually used as a kind of banter intended to be funny or at times offensive. But to many this innocuous drawing of a cartoon frog is a symbol of hate and the equally nefarious Alt Right. It seems everywhere you look these days, the mainstream media will buy into anything. I just thought I’d never see the day in a which meme could be vilified due to how it’s used or for its perceived representation. But this isn’t the first time the mainstream media has latched onto something like this. When they discovered that Gamergate had a female mascot. Naturally, they had to read too much into her, by assuming the green and purple stripes on her sweater symbolise rape culture. And in more recent times an academic article was penned using her as a way of trying to understand Gamergate.

Except for the writer of that hack job forgets that when there are two sides, perhaps you should at least learn the general opinion of the side you’ve already decided is some kind of monstrous bogeyman. If Bradley Glasgow can do it, so can you. It’s easy for people to assume the MSM is some kind of truthful entity. The truth is, so many sites report on rumours but fail to go the extra mile by verifying their information. Or at worse they target an individual then when they latch onto something remotely controversial. They try and drive that person’s career into the ground. As Oculus founder Palmer Luckey found out, simply for endorsing conservative views or rather specifically for endorsing Donald Trump. Oh and they do mention he is dating a female Gamergater. What a time to be alive when your love life is the source of international news.

But you might ask what is PePe? Pepe is a reaction face created for a comic series by Matt Furie and is often associated with another meme, Feels Good Man another reaction image. It seems the presumption that it is a symbol of hate purely depends on the context of use and who the poster is. Because for all intents and purposes, it is a cartoon frog. Nothing more nothing less. Rather like how Vivian James represents the gamer that just doesn’t give a shit and just likes playing video games. It’s almost like reading too much into things is a hobby now for some journalists.

In an interview for Esquire Furie describes Pepe’s inception as being completely harmless;

“The comic itself represents that post-college zone of living by yourself with a bunch of dudes and pulling pranks on one another. The vibe of the comic is very chill and mundane and absurd.”

He also admits he can’t stop those on the internet acting as they are;

‘It started off on 4chan as an inside joke, then it became more mainstream and the memes were being shared by Katy Perry or whomever. Then the 4chan guys started flooding the Internet with weird Pepe memes to kind of reclaim him as their own. And this is just what I’ve gleamed from the Internet. I had nothing to do with this at all.’

Like with most meme creators who have watched their creations flourish Furie acknowledges that there will always be those who use something for dark humour. In the end, you could almost say that the Alt Right Pepe is a just that, another branch of the meme taking on a whole new life as a mainstream icon and target for opportunist journalists who see everything as black and white.

Although you know the world has gone stark raving mad when even the Guardian has to post an opinion piece on this insanity. Below, the writer seems to have only just discovered the existence of dark humour.

This universality, however, was what also soon gave Pepe the Frog a dark side. Pepe appearances were not always innocuous, as people drew him in various sexual, tasteless or otherwise offensive poses and contexts. Some called such images “dark Pepes”.

I guess the writer also doesn’t understand why people enjoy it. It’s rather like how if it exists on the internet, then chances are there’s porn of it. If it exists on the internet, then chances are someone, somewhere has twisted it into something offensive. It’s just how the internet works.

Two developments gave it a very different path. The first was the rise of the so-called ‘alt-right’, a loose network of white supremacists, mostly online, who seek to infuse American conservatism with racism and antisemitism. Pepe the Frog became an unofficial mascot for many on the alt right.

For those who wonder what the Alt-Right actually is. It’s amorphous, and those that subscribe to it aren’t necessarily supporters of white supremacy. It’s more like how some perceive the Regressive Left, a group that is also conveniently obsessed with race and gender. Rather like looking at a coin really.

This does not mean that all uses of Pepe images should thus be considered racist or antisemitic.

And yet you have the audacity to say that when the ADL has placed this reaction image as a serious proponent of hate. The thing that leaves me speechless though is that the Alt Right only has traction because of how the press engages it. It’s easy to place your enemies in one basket and it’s also easy to recycle the same dried up old arguments. Or in this case the assumption that even a harmless drawing can become someone’s hate symbol.

The key thing to remember is that like with most fictional entities when someone writes or draws in a certain way chances are they will represent it differently. After all, there are many inceptions of PePe. The reason the mainstream media has latched onto him is that they have played hook, line and sinker into their oppositions hands. Because by reporting on this cartoon frog, you may very well find more people end up voting Trump or even using these offensive PePe images. Why? because it gets a reaction. Negative publicity, in this case, can do more to help your opponent than actually be a hindrance to them.

So to summarise, Pepe, is a cartoon frog, adopted by the Chans, drawn thousands of times. And due to an excessive usage by Trump supporters, this frog has garnered the attention of the mainstream media. It just begs the question, which one will be next. Will Feels Man become a symbol of depression for the Labour Party after it probably fails to get elected at the next election? Who knows? because at this point, the media can’t go any more insane. Can it?


Everybody missed this one. Back in June, just after embarrassing herself on an unrelated Nintendo text, but before celebrating Milo’s censorship at the hands of Twitter, Zoe Quinn achieved a milestone: she got dropped by her publisher.You're Beautiful

No reasons were given. This was all as quiet as fuck, so I can’t tell you if the manuscript was rejected by her editor, or (more likely) by legal given the risk of defamation. And we can’t just let the salt flow at the thought of her having to return her advance. (This may be known later if somebody like Vox Day of Castalia House hears from his contacts.) But anyway, her publishing career is nearly kaput.

This tweet went up June 29:omfg

Excited to announce CRASH OVERRIDE is now with PublicAffairs & will come out in 2017 with updated content on the fight against online abuse.

May sound great, and grifters gonna…

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Gawker is regarded by many as the click bait magnet of social media. It’s articles more or less pure gossip. And over the years, Gawker has been no stranger to controversy regarding its invasion into the lives of public figures such as Peter Thiel who had been outed as gay in 2007 by Gawker’s now-defunct Valleywag blog. Gawker’s downfall was inevitable following the Gamergate controversy that saw it lose over 7 figures in advertising revenue. Gawker has since failed to recover from that loss sustained at the hands of Gamergate and now faces the end since it filed for bankruptcy.

But what started this magnificent fall. Well, Sam Biddle learned the hard lesson that you don’t target ‘nerds’ of all people. This was what he posted on twitter and later deleted and apologised for posting. However, it was already too late.


It would later be reported by numerous outlets that advertisers such as Mercedes-Benz and Adobe had pulled out from their advertising deals due to these comments. This was following a campaign by Gamergaters coined Operation Disrespectful Nod that originated on 8chan. Its aim was to contact advertisers and expose cases of unethical journalism. This extended past Gawker and included other sites who had deliberately gone out of their way to slander gamers such as Gamasutra who led the initial charge against gamers with this article titled: ‘Gamers don’t have to be your audience. Gamers are over.’  An article published by the Washington Post also mentioned why advertisers were pulling ads, with The Michigan Economic Development Corporation stating that it was pulling ads, ‘out of fears that it appeared to mock the “gamer” demographic’.

Disrespectful Nod wasn’t the killing blow that would end Gawker. No, that task fell on Hulk Hogan and to some extent Peter Thiel, with the intention to stop Gawker from profiting off of exposing details of people’s private lives. In the case of Hogan, Gawker had without any consent by him posted a sex tape, showing him having an affair with the wife of a friend of his. This act alone led to a back and forth court case and subsequent ownership of Gawker being transferred to Hulk Hogan. But if that escalation wasn’t enough for you. In a recent bankruptcy auction, Gawker was bought by Univision who will now go on to shut down Gawker, for good.

Gawker was just one of many that publicly slandered gamers and it has since paid the price for that. Gamergate as a movement showed that the public is no longer willing to stand by and watch slander or in the case of gamers. Be on the other end of slanderous hit pieces.

I guess all that’s left to be said is ‘Gawker is over. Gawker doesn’t have an audience anymore.’