The Infinitum’s Final Tale: Prologue

Monika’s pink-tipped white uwabaki slippers echoed against the reflective black floor that made up this particular corridor. The walls were a faded grey and lacked the vibrancy of other sectors she had previously visited.

Up until recently, she had only ever known a lonely existence inside the video game Doki Doki Literature Club. When he came along it all changed. It wasn’t quite the reality she hoped for but it was as close as she would get to the mysterious player that had controlled the actions of the one she knew only as Mr Mad.

Although Mad preferred to use the title Lord in most cases he was a recluse nihilist with a fatalist view of his world. It was a view born of his influence over others. Those characters could not change their fate, not as long as he continued to watch and manipulate the events present in their stories.

“It’s a different reality, but the story remains unchanged,” muttered Monika as she continued onward humming the song she had dedicated to the player.

She eventually reached a rounded solid inky black vault door. There was no signpost stating what was on the other side but she couldn’t deny that it peaked her interest. It took some time for her to turn the vault wheel but eventually, she heard something click and the door opened outward forcing her to take a few steps back before she could look inside.

What she could see on the other side of that vault door was nothingness. An eternal void stretching as far as the eye can see. But to her surprise, she could see something out there kneeling down. She outstretched a foot and brought it down carefully in order to test the existence of an actual floor. She felt relief when her foot met the solid ground. After a few hesitant steps inside she soon found herself before the kneeling being. From behind they looked like a woman. However, she was unlike others in the Infinitum. This person’s skin was pure white. It had no other colour to it.
“Almost like you were unfinished. Is that what you are?” Asked Monika.
The woman turned a little to look up at her.
Her eyes are like his. Only hers are black with white dots. Her hair is blacker than night too. It might as well be part of this room.
Monika placed her hands on her hips and looked down at this helpless girl. She sighed. “At least tell me who you are?”
The woman seemed to think on that a while before getting to her feet. The woman ended up being taller than Monika expected. She looked incredibly anxious as she tapped two fingers together.
“Who am I? It’s been so long I almost forgot… Yes, I remember now, the name that he gave me,” said the woman managing a small smile before it fell away. “Patience… He called me Patience.”


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