YouTube Heroes: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Posted: September 26, 2016 in Political Correctness/Censorship
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YouTube Heroes is a new program that aims at giving the YouTube community more power on the site. However, the video advertising this new program has received backlash from many who feel that the powers given could easily be abused. And they aren’t entirely wrong about that. When the video was first launched it begins by giving the information on how it will operate. YouTube Heroes has a levelling system and you gain points by doing things such as putting subtitles on a video, whether it’s transcribing purposes or translation.

However, even that power can be possibly abused by a malicious individual. The other significant feature of this program is the ability to mass flag or report inappropriate videos. The problem is that statement alone is very vague, and even before YouTube slyly updated the video’s contents, it simply referred to flagging negative content. A lot of the criticism directed at YouTube Heroes stems from its recent changes in TOS. Before almost any video could be monetised but under new vague guidelines any tag deemed ‘inappropriate’ or ‘offensive’ can deem a video ineligible to be monetised. This new policy has affected the whole site and coupled with YouTube’s dodgy DMCA system, it’s like YouTube is begging its users to dig its own grave.

There’s also the ability to host hangouts and participate in them. That too is pretty harmless but that too depends on the participants and their intentions. As a whole, this development reeks on the stench left behind by Crash Override Network (CON) who despite claiming to counter harassment on social media, was actually indulging in harassment themselves. The leaks have been discussed all over the web and the method employed by the Heroes Program sounds all too similar. There’s nothing inherently wrong trusting your user base to moderate content. However, such things can and will be abused. The mass flagging ability, for instance, could kill a single channel despite them possibly doing nothing wrong. YouTube’s lack of response to criticism and its sneaky way of editing the video has done little to end concerns regarding the state of the website.

Once heroes are implemented, all we can do is hope that people don’t let the power trip go to their heads. Because as it stands this new addition to YouTube is very much a double edged sword.


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