​The Hugo Awards is no longer a stranger to controversy when last year, five No Awards were given. The No Award had only previously been presented as many times in the entire history of the prize, which began in 1953. 

This controversy involves Dave Truesdale who was evicted from a panel after claiming that the state of science fiction is stifling creativity by imposing political correctness on authors. For daring to oppose to political correctness, Truesdale saw himself evicted from the Con. This lead by a tweet stating that’s his views were discomforting. As excuses go. It’s pathetic.  Because eviction for daring to criticise is not how this should have ended. 

But this controversial act does no favours for science fiction. A genre more divided than it has ever been following the emergence of Sad Puppies and the Rapid Puppies who believe left wing bias is epidemic at the awards.  If the Hugos ever want to redeem itself then it needs to get to the route of these complaints. Because so far all I see. Is the usual nonsense that assumes the right wing is some kind of vicious monster. 

In the end whether you agree with Truesdale or not. He should never have been evicted. That’s all that needs saying really.