Children of the Entity: Lifetaker

The storm howled outside the church, battering endlessly against the windows. Near the altar, a hooded man was crouched in a hastily drawn star that had several points. On each point was a candle. The man also held one. He seemed to be praying but the twisted smile on his face showed otherwise.

‘There comes a time when the fire must burn no more.’

Using the tip of his bony finger he pressed it against the candle stalk, extinguishing the flame.

‘When light can no longer find solace, on a dead plain.’ He moved onto the second and did same.

‘The shadows are gathering and they are hungry.’

As he finished speaking, he heard a low distant growl. It didn’t take too long to plunge the entire church into darkness.

‘Darkness reigns on this day. The dawn will fade away.’

The old wooden doors suddenly opened, and invited the winds howl. Lifetaker stood up, his scarred face lit by the flash of lightening. A man dressed in priestly robes stood on the threshold. As he stepped forward, the doors slammed shut.

‘What is this heresy!’

He was soon staring down Lifetaker, ‘what do you think your doing!’

Lifetaker laughed and grabbed his collar. He threw him into the seven point star and pressed down on the priests chest with his black boots, ‘this isn’t your home anymore! Can you not see all that they are. Cracks are showing, man of faith. Corruption is coming.’

The priest was muttering a prayer under his breath. Lifetaker crouched and seized hold of the tongue. Removing a curved knife he shook his head. ‘He can’t hear you,’ in one swift cut he removed it.

The man was floundering eyes wide in terror.

‘It’s time for you to see,’ laughed Lifetaker as he gouged out both eyes. Darkness was everywhere, and the howls blistered the priests ears. Lifetaker’s laugh cut through him. The footsteps were distant now. There was the faint sound of glass cracking.

‘Remove the veil, his children come,’ chanted Lifetaker. ‘Remove the veil.’

The priest felt something grab his ankles, he was suddenly be dragged, ‘Hope is distant and your faith is fading.’

There was silence.

Then shattered by one final roar.


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